Talent Management Overview

What We Do

SIMA® International enables our client organizations to make quantum leaps forward in effectiveness by tapping the extraordinary power of people's core strengths.

That process begins with a discovery of the one thing other talent management programs completely overlook: people's core strengths. In all likelihood, you may not know them. What's more, most of your people can't identify them, either. That's not a criticism, just a fact based on almost fifty years of experience, working with hundreds of thousands of individuals.

Our SIMA®-powered process specifies an individual’s “best use,” once and for all. It unlocks the riddle of how to position people for optimal effectiveness, and how to manage and develop their strengths for sustained organizational success.

50 Faceos of SIMA

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What We Provide

  • High-Potential Leader Identification and Development System
  • Succession Planning System
  • Transition Management System

Key Benefits

  • A proven tool for assessing "fit" and positioning people to make their best contribution
  • Deep insight into performance problems and what to do about them
  • A powerful process for career development, leading to higher retention and sustained organizational success
  • A strengths-based process for evaluating and aligning teams
  • The ability to pinpoint talent gaps—a strategic advantage in recruiting
  • A "talent roadmap" that gives young/new leadership the best advantage for leading into the future
  • Seasoned expertise for establishing trust and cooperation of senior executives and board leaders
  • Access to collateral consultative resources that are also SIMA®-powered