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What is SIMA®?

SIMA® stands for the System for Identifying Motivated Abilities, our proven, proprietary assessment process that is profoundly powerful at identifying an individual's unique pattern of motivated behavior.

The Benefits Of SIMA®

  • Personal, individualized assessment. You are not labeled as a "type" of person, or put in a category, or described through a set of "traits." You are looked at as uniquely you—one-of-a-kind.
  • Behaviorally based. We study actual behavior from your own stories of satisfying activities, not theoretical explanations of "why" you do what you do.
  • Qualitative, not quantitative. We don't try to "measure" you through a mathematical algorithm. We describe the way you naturally function, in plain English.
  • Objective, not subjective. We analyze activities you have actually done, not an inventory of subjective responses to hypothetical, forced-choice questions.
  • Inherently positive, confirming core strengths. SIMA® affirms what you do well and find satisfying. It doesn't dwell on your so-called "weaknesses."
  • Describes what is essential, core, and enduring. SIMA® is not a snapshot of you at a moment in time, but a description of a lifelong pattern of behavior you always have and always will instinctively use.
  • A proven process. SIMA®'s use with hundreds of thousands of people over nearly fifty years has consistently shown it to be reliable and remarkably powerful at deciphering human motivation.
  • A predictive tool. SIMA® has an uncanny ability to anticipate how you are likely to function in any set of circumstances.

SIMA® is Unique

Every human being is unique, and has his/her own way of functioning. SIMA® is able to distinguish that uniqueness and what sets a person apart from everyone else. In that way, SIMA® itself is unique, and distinguished from all other assessment approaches.

The SIMA® Process

SIMA® is not a test or an inventory, nor is it computer-scored. It's a personalized process of discovery that begins by looking at real stories from a person's life.