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Zara F. Larsen

Senior Consultant

Dr. Zara F. Larsen is a change leadership consultant, executive and career transition coach who leverages SIMA technology for sustainable system transformation for clients. At the core, Zara's endeavors with for profit and non profit organizations embed speed and process discipline, with a simultaneous eye on enterprise effectiveness and talent development. Typical engagements involve executive team re-purposing, strategic redirection for business growth, merger integrations for higher performance, and leadership development coupled with strategic talent acquisition and succession planning.

As a former Fortune 100 general management, engineering and manufacturing line executive with Raytheon, United Technologies (Pratt & Whitney, Hamilton Sundstrand, and Otis Elevator), Emerson Electric, and General Motors, Zara has led large scale organizational change agendas in the US and abroad. Her diverse teams delivered rapid product innovation, global engineering, manufacturing and supply chain process streamlining, business process improvement, and integrated mergers for market expansion.

Her mantra is "Keep your hand on the product, your eye on the process, and your heart with the people", the latter being fertile territory for the application of SIMA's motivated abilities assessment. She offers practitioner-scholar social science qualitative and quantitative expertise within client projects, often coupling SIMA with other data-driven measurement and inquiry methods.

Zara is a frequent guest speaker and panel participant at conferences, and featured author in several publications. She is active on several university boards and is dedicated to bridging the gap between higher education and industry, committed to preparing globally-minded talent for the future. Zara also hosts a weekly live talk radio and web stream show featuring change experts and inspirational guests from around the world: "Circles of Change: Where Your Path is Created by Walking on It" on www.1041thetruth.com or 104.1 FM in Arizona. Since the show's launch in 2008, over 200 complimentary podcasts and mobile enrollment are available.

Zara and her husband, Ted, and two teenage children reside in Tucson, Arizona.


• Case Western Reserve University, Doctor of Management with research on executive leaders and the role of social capital in high impact change.
• Stanford University, Master of Science in Management, Sloan Fellow
• University of Michigan, Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering
• Purdue University, Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
• Indiana University, Honors Abroad Language Program, fluent in German


Listen to a special conversation with Dr. Zara Larsen entitled "Be an Architect of Change - Maximize Your Social Capital", as featured on the radio show Circles of Change


Email: zlarsen@simainternational.com

E-mail: zlarsen@simainternational.com

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