Coaching Overview

A Proven Process for Achieving Peak Performance

SIMA®Coaching is a powerful, strengths-based process of helping people understand and align their motivation to their team's goals and their organization's purpose to deliver effective results.

SIMA®Coaching was developed to enhance people's personal effectiveness through the focused exploration and direct application of their unique pattern of motivated behavior through the SIMA® process. It does that through the integration of their motivation, capabilities, competencies, character, and values to create purposeful action in their current context, as well as towards their "best-fit" future options. It's ideal for individual leaders, leadership teams, and those destined for significant responsibility in organizations.

Over the last twenty years, SIMA®Coaching has evolved into a distinctive, specialist application of the SIMA® process. Building on the insights of SIMA®, we have integrated the power of the in-depth SIMA® analysis (with its unique, proprietary process, the Motivated Abilities Pattern or MAP®) with the power of a systemic approach to organizational life and the practicalities of good coaching. Our coaches combine their expertise in helping people make sense of their achievement stories with their expertise in addressing significant performance issues. They also foster learning and development, both with individuals and with teams. Effective coaching practitioners enhance their coaching practices with what many consider to be the most sophisticated tool of motivational analysis in the market today.

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50 Faceos of SIMA

Discover how SIMA® adds value to companies and individuals within the corporate environment.

Learn more about how SIMA® can enhance your nonprofit organization.

What We Provide

  • SIMA®Centered Individual Coaching
  • SIMA®Centered Team Coaching

Key Benefits:

  • A transformational process that measurably improves people's performance and job-satisfaction
  • A set of robust, systematic practices and programs
  • A proven process for unleashing people's best stuff
  • An approach that can be scaled to handle additional people, yet sophisticated enough to address executive-level needs
  • A process that builds community and cultivates respect for individual uniqueness